Some pictures and poems

golden gate bridge at dusk via grain

I’ve written a few poems this summer, here I am sharing two. I’ve found a new release for when I just need to get my voice out and feelings down somewhere, in the form of poetry. My technique is still very rough and amateur but I am hoping to find my rhythm and style with practice. I think my voice is strong in them.

Some precedent for the poems: An Ode to the Gatekeepeer is a poem I wrote while riding BART. A man had walked in, and I was very unsuspecting he would make me feel uncomfortable, but he did. He was staring directly at me talking gibberish about any subject his mind wandered too. It looked as if he had something stuffed under his puffy coat, and his fist was balled. I actually felt very threatened, so to calm myself I wrote a poem during this whole ordeal. It’s supposed to be funny, but I have a weird sense of humor so…

It Encloses Me Too, came about at a diversion youth group I attend for work. One of the facilitators was really speaking truth one day, it almost felt as if he was preaching. I felt like I was receiving a sermon. I don’t follow a specific religion, and my God is not the God outlined in the Bible by any means. I am minoring in Liberation Theology, so I am still trying to figure out where my faith lies. But I do believe we find communion in each other and in simple moments/feelings we experience everyday. We become enclosed by them, they are our sermons, and they carry us through.

An Ode to the Gatekeeper

A gatekeeper of sorts
He guarded the door like an outline of the city
Bold and dark
Rigid and unwavering
In his delirium he discussed the smell of rotten eggs and gentlemen
He could pass for one

In my fear I prayed to God one, two, three times
Heart racing rapidly against the rattle of the train
He was the snake and I the culprit in his eyes
Belittled by his presence I pulled my hat down further
Looking out the window as my eyes reflected back to his image
His eyes carving a shadow into me

“Montgomery station is approaching”

A sigh of a relief
as I turn my back away from the piercing of his presence and into the sharp gaze of the city

I guess he is unaware snakes symbolize evil too

It Encloses Me Too

I receive my sermon under open water
Confined by the ceramic that encloses my naked body
Water tinted pink and orange
Lone fingers peaking above the sunset

I receive my sermon across the table from old Mrs. Alva
Tracing her graying locs so dillegently as Jose’s voice fills the room
It echoes;
Across the four corners of the tables
They enclose us too

I receive the sermon when puddles overflow my eyes with tears
I miss him greatly
His mom and I count on these days as the numbers trickle down
Sometimes they mean too much to us
We are enclosed by them too

I receive the sermon when I sense summers coming to an end
My body yearns to be free
To climb the height of the fig tree
And run into the ocean until I am crystallized by salt
Have feasts on the roof;
Snack on fruit
Lastly, bake under the sun until my brown skin becomes caramelized
This is the best sermon of all
Because the timing is right
It’s sharp bright rays surround me,
A little differently,
It encloses me too.


Currently: Drowning Myself in Coffee 3:44pm

An Americano with a pump of vanilla, a good amount of soy milk, and a hell of a lot of cinnamon, to be exact. It's raining today, to my surprise; and demise–I definitely failed to dress properly for the weather, but hey at least my outfit is cute! {I am rocking a boys button down white collared shirt, halfway tucked into a jean checkered skirt, with a long draping gray sweater, my velvet black boots with some chunky socks.} There is something about rainy days that makes me unable to focus. Do I have an essay due tonight? Yes. Have I started it? Maybe. Is my professor a tough grader? Yes. Would I rather be watching Californication? Most definitely. I have a meeting at 4:30, so I should probably get on my grind. I also need to throw some dinner into my Crock-Pot right after my meeting, so I won't starve tonight (watch out for a recipe ;)). Anyways, that is all that is up with me, hope you are having a productive day, cause mine sure isn't as of now. OH, and some person made me spill coffee on my white shirt and velvet boots because she just HAD to reach over and grab a stopper since she was just TOO impatient to wait for me to move, like girl ughhh. Okay byeee.

Creating Fringe Jeans

Shining by Symone Williams, January 20, 2017

I was caught in between

Curls and kinks that flowed so marvelously

A wooden brush would break because of the strength it held

The energy flowing through and within and out my body

bursting outwards magnificently and wild

I was trapped in between

Hair that was as smooth as silk

Hair that was sally and molly and samantha and brittany

Hair that made me feel, well

What did it make me feel?

It made me feel strong within my Blackness

I was indeed beautiful within their eyes…


I was indeed one strand straighter to them in their eyes

I was

Confused and unhappy and scared and

Then I did feel the roots of my ancestors

twined and tied together

Digging through the earth so powerfully

They pulled on my feet and encased me in their roots

My roots

Held me closely, cradled me in their arms like a child in the womb

And i saw too that i could be

Bursting likes the trees and their leaves and the stalks

The roots that dug deep, that stood taller

And fought stronger

And I knew then better than sally and molly and samantha and brittany

I then grew into this sunflower

With petals as yellow as the sunlight gleaming through a glass of sweet tea,

shining against sugar crystals on a blazing summer day

I felt calm and natural, I felt proud that

I too could wear my crown, wear my fro, my kinks, my curls, my hair

As my ancestors do around me

Their hair branching out like the oldest oak tree

The most striking crown of all

Is the afro


Versatility: Scarves

I started becoming interested in scarves when I was about thirteen, and since then, I’ve gathered and collected an arrangement of them. Recently, I have noticed just how versatile scarves are; I incorporate them into my outfits in different ways, here are just a few. With this long, colorful, patterned scarf (that I borrowed from a friend and have just simply not given back–I really need to) I tie it around my neck with a simple knot that lies just below a simple gold necklace. I also use it as a cute touch to a pair of jeans, as a belt tied in a bow, but even left simply tied in a knot with the excess left long and hanging it adds quite a unique touch! I even use it as a head scarf (not pictured) quite often. When shopping, I often look for long eclectic scarves like this one to add a vibrant touch to my outfits. I’m sure in upcoming outfit posts, you’ll see some of my scarves incorporated!

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A Summer and Fall Denim Staple


I was recently sifting through a sells rack and ran across this simple jean dress priced at ten dollars. I loved it on the hanger, but in my head I was thinking I could never pull off this dress. It was not form fitting by any means, and I thought it would just look like a smock on me, until I put it on, that is. I knew then that this would become a staple piece of my wardrobe this season. It’s perfect to wear in the warmer months layered with a patterned short sleeve shirt underneath, paired with a necklace, and some sandals. In the winter I think this simple dress would look so cute with a fall colored turtle neck, some booties, and a military jacket! There are so many ways to wear this dress, and you could even just throw it on and wear it by itself! I’ve attached a few pics of me in my new found dress.

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