Currently: Drowning Myself in Coffee 3:44pm

An Americano with a pump of vanilla, a good amount of soy milk, and a hell of a lot of cinnamon, to be exact. It's raining today, to my surprise; and demise–I definitely failed to dress properly for the weather, but hey at least my outfit is cute! {I am rocking a boys button down white collared shirt, halfway tucked into a jean checkered skirt, with a long draping gray sweater, my velvet black boots with some chunky socks.} There is something about rainy days that makes me unable to focus. Do I have an essay due tonight? Yes. Have I started it? Maybe. Is my professor a tough grader? Yes. Would I rather be watching Californication? Most definitely. I have a meeting at 4:30, so I should probably get on my grind. I also need to throw some dinner into my Crock-Pot right after my meeting, so I won't starve tonight (watch out for a recipe ;)). Anyways, that is all that is up with me, hope you are having a productive day, cause mine sure isn't as of now. OH, and some person made me spill coffee on my white shirt and velvet boots because she just HAD to reach over and grab a stopper since she was just TOO impatient to wait for me to move, like girl ughhh. Okay byeee.


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