Shining by Symone Williams, January 20, 2017

I was caught in between

Curls and kinks that flowed so marvelously

A wooden brush would break because of the strength it held

The energy flowing through and within and out my body

bursting outwards magnificently and wild

I was trapped in between

Hair that was as smooth as silk

Hair that was sally and molly and samantha and brittany

Hair that made me feel, well

What did it make me feel?

It made me feel strong within my Blackness

I was indeed beautiful within their eyes…


I was indeed one strand straighter to them in their eyes

I was

Confused and unhappy and scared and

Then I did feel the roots of my ancestors

twined and tied together

Digging through the earth so powerfully

They pulled on my feet and encased me in their roots

My roots

Held me closely, cradled me in their arms like a child in the womb

And i saw too that i could be

Bursting likes the trees and their leaves and the stalks

The roots that dug deep, that stood taller

And fought stronger

And I knew then better than sally and molly and samantha and brittany

I then grew into this sunflower

With petals as yellow as the sunlight gleaming through a glass of sweet tea,

shining against sugar crystals on a blazing summer day

I felt calm and natural, I felt proud that

I too could wear my crown, wear my fro, my kinks, my curls, my hair

As my ancestors do around me

Their hair branching out like the oldest oak tree

The most striking crown of all

Is the afro



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