Versatility: Scarves

I started becoming interested in scarves when I was about thirteen, and since then, I’ve gathered and collected an arrangement of them. Recently, I have noticed just how versatile scarves are; I incorporate them into my outfits in different ways, here are just a few. With this long, colorful, patterned scarf (that I borrowed from a friend and have just simply not given back–I really need to) I tie it around my neck with a simple knot that lies just below a simple gold necklace. I also use it as a cute touch to a pair of jeans, as a belt tied in a bow, but even left simply tied in a knot with the excess left long and hanging it adds quite a unique touch! I even use it as a head scarf (not pictured) quite often. When shopping, I often look for long eclectic scarves like this one to add a vibrant touch to my outfits. I’m sure in upcoming outfit posts, you’ll see some of my scarves incorporated!

As always, thanks for reading!






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