S goes vegan???

I’ve been vegan for almost four months now and I feel can finally say I feel confident in my transition. Trust me–it has not been easy. I went from eating watermelon, grapes, and rice for dinner (please carb up and don’t eat like me in the early stages of transitioning), to slaying some vegan pad thai in the kitchen.

Ahem…the vegan pad thai I told you I slayed.


Anyways, hmm… I decided to become vegan in hopes that I would too feel amazingly better as many other vegans claim they feel. I did not know how I was going to give up my cheese, or my Ike’s sandwich shop–where I once ordered from everyday for a week on DoorDash to have delivered straight to my dorm–my mom’s mac and cheese or Thanksgiving dressing.

My friend, who is also vegan and has done most of the persuading and informing during my journey, stopped me one day and asked, “Why are you giving so much value to a taste?” And he was right, why was I?

So, that weekend I ordered one last Ike’s sandwich, but here’s the catch it was a vegan Ike’s sandwich!!! The going home for Thanksgiving (I really love Thanksgiving food), with vegan Turkey, daiya cheese, cranberry sauce, and onions, and oh my, it still tasted like heaven! That marked the A-okay from me.  I began watching many, many, documentaries, and did much research. I found that many of the foods I had been eating were simply not healthy for my body and contributed to many of my stomach aches and energy deficiencies. Not to mention the cruelty the animals are subject too, which is not necessary. And plus, the many workers who work in these factories of whom are underpaid and have to witness this cruelty each and everyday, I could not imagine. This is a choice I’ve made for myself, and I will definitely not judge anyone else for what they choose to tolerate, but I will not stand for a production system that brings cruelty to innocent workers and animals when my body can live without it.

Over time, on this blog, I hope to post many vegan recipes, and I hope you’ll try a few. Thanks for reading, and yes I do get enough protein!





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